Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Danette Carpenter

July 1947 - Oct 2013

    This is my mother in all her beautiful glory.  I don't quite know how to begin a proper eulogy, but here goes.

 She was born July 1947 in Santa Cruz, Ca. to Lillian & Lloyd Davenport.  Being the middle child (older brother Roy & younger sister Debby) she was quiet and shy with strangers.  Her father Lloyd passed away when she was around 12 years old, even though her parents where separated at the time, it was a great loss.  Soon after they moved to Orange County where she lived for most of her adult life.

She met her first husband George Kimball through her brother Roy and they got married in April 1965.  Shortly after the wedding they moved to Anchorage, Alaska and had 2 beautiful, perfect children (Roy in Feb,1968 and Julie in Aug, 1969).

After 6 years of marriage they got divorced and Danette moved back to California with her perfect children (anyone who knows me understands that I was far from a perfect child, but I made up for it in cuteness).

In Dec. 1978 she married Dale Carpenter.  They had many shared interests like camping, the love for the outdoors, guns, and antique shopping.  Dale was a loving and dutiful husband.  They had many happy years together.

Danette was diagnosed with breast cancer around the year 2000.  She beat it with a round of chemo and radiation treatments.  Then 4 years later it came back, this time it took a mastectomy, chemo, and radiation.  The treatment took a heavy toll on her heart and she had to have a defibrillator put in the summer of 2012.  After battling cancer for 13 years she finally lost and died in Oct of 2013.

Danette left behind her loving husband Dale, Son Roy, Daughter Julie, Grandchildren Ashley, Eric, Rachel, Cody and many step sons, daughters, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  We will all miss her greatly.

In closing I need to give a great thanks to Dale Carpenter.  Even though we may have different political views (understatement of the year), I never had to worry about if my mother was getting proper care.  Loss is a horrible thing, but if you have to go through it, my hope is that your loved one goes as peacefully and painlessly as possible.  We also had the great joy of honoring her memory with love and happiness, not pettiness and greed.  She was a great woman and is sorely missed.


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Working with Habitat for Humanity


     A couple of weeks ago I approached Habitat for Humanity (Eugene, OR)  about doing family portraits for the home recipients.  I was welcomed with enthusiasm and hugs.  It turns out they have A LOT of event happening this spring.  So, I have attended and photographed a benefit breakfast and a ground breaking just in the last couple of weeks, along with a session for the family getting their home on the 19th of May.  Needless to say they have been keeping me busy, but I love every minute of it.  Along with getting families in new homes they are starting "A Brush with Kindness" in Eugene, which is helping families fix their existing homes.  If you get a chance check out their website or facebook page, they are always in need of volunteers.

Like them on facebook:

Or go to there website:

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

50's Style Glamour Session

     Been working hard with "28 days with Sue Bryce", who is a two time winner of Australian Portrait Photographer of the year award.  Finally got a great group of girls together for a 50's concept shoot.  Shelby Stephens and Shaunna Milenewicz did hair and makeup, Shelly Schmidt helped with lighting and general photography moral support, and our beautiful model Inna.  Here are some of the final photographs


Trying the "Breakfast at Tiffany's" look.


Thank you everyone that was involved for helping me make these beautiful images.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Kids Portraits

   After setting my studio up to work with a fellow photographer, I decided to play around with lighting and who better to use then my own boys.  



 Eyes have always fascinated me, I truly believe their the windows into your soul.  The problem is getting the pupils to be small, so we used a flashlight on the eyes to get that effect.

 My oldest loves to play his guitar.  I really like the relaxed look on his face and dramatic lighting.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Stopping a hummingbirds wings

  A hummingbird flaps it's wing 55 time per second and to photograph them is very difficult.  I have set this goal for myself to see is I could do it and to expand my photography skills.  To start off, I set up a feeder and 2 speedlights.  After sitting for about 30 min. this is what I got.

  I was unable to fully stop the wings, but I'm not giving up yet.  I'll be back at it in the spring with more lights and hopefully more knowledge.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Christmas photos

   Trying new ideas for Christmas family photos.  First of all, the idea of tying up my boys is very appealing to me.  So, I did it with Christmas lights.  In retrospect there should also be some lights in the background.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Baby Derek


   Stephanie and Jon brought Derek by when he was just 6 days old.  From the beginning I could tell they are very caring and devoted parents.  Derek was a easy going baby and loved to sleep (just what I wanted).  They are a lovely family.



This shot is harder to get then you think.  Even though he was sleeping, he did not want anyone to hold his feet still.

   How beautiful is this family.  I hope to see them again some day.